Scalable quality and sustainability in our cloud

The function of a cloud is different for every company. Some use it to store and share files, while others use it for an e-commerce website and accounting software. Additionally, the term "cloud" also refers to infrastructure, equipment, software, and hosting. Requirements in these areas depend on the market in which your company operates and are tailored to each of our clients' unique challenges. We would love to get to know you and see what cloud solution fits your needs best.

Advice and Design
From experience, we know that the technical landscape in every company is different, and thus, the ideal cloud solution also varies. We know our way around network connections and data centers. Whether you are already working in the cloud or migrating to it, we offer advice at every step and work alongside your IT department during implementation. This leads to a sustainable solution, while maintaining knowledge within your own company.

We are self-sufficient, with our own network connections and equipment in-house and everything managed by us. With servers in 5 different locations around Eindhoven, built on Ceph and OpenStack, our cloud is flexible and scalable. This makes it possible to set up a virtual data center through an API or in a web portal. This allows our clients to quickly respond to end customers when scaling up or down is necessary.

Management and Monitoring
We also support you in designing and implementing a virtual environment. We offer the option to monitor it 24/7. System administrators or developers from your company can work with us or we can fully take care of them. We create a suitable solution for this. They can also approach us with questions about OpenSource technologies such as Linux and DevOps. If you are looking for a Windows environment, one of our competent partners can take over the management.


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